Only 13,500 BHT

After you have completed the EFR course and gained some confidence and knowledge in First Aid and CPR, it is time to get some more experience and learn about rescuing divers in need. Confined water sessions in the pool with one of our experienced instructors will teach you the skills needed to respond to tired, injured, or unconscious divers, and it will give you a strong knowledge base for preventing and reacting to any diver problems that may occur underwater. The open water dives will enable you to test your new knowledge by putting you in situations where a diver is in distress, and drive you to assess the situation and decide on the best course of action.

What you will learn:

Day 1:

  • Theory session in the morning with watching Section 1, 2 and 3 and checking your knowledge
  • The afternoon session with first five practical exercises in confined water.

Day 2:

  • Theory session in the morning with watching Section 4 and 5 and checking your knowledge
  • The afternoon session with four last practical exercises in confined water.

Day 3:

  • Application of skills on a day trip: You will be treated as a qualified Rescue Diver on this day. With an instructor shadowing you, you will have a chance to see what it would be like in real-life situations. Your instructor will make a special day to follow the last two scenarios required for the course completion.

The Scuba Gear you use

You’ll use all the necessary scuba equipment and a diving computer during your open water dives: a buoyancy compensating jacket that holds your scuba tank, scuba regulator, a weight system, instrumentation to monitor depth and wetsuit. You will be able to buy your own mask in our retail shop, as it’s always better when it fits with face properly. If you decide to buy anything from us, we will give you a special 10% in our retail store!


To take this course, you must be:

  • Fit for Diving (Medical Statement)
  • At least a 15 years old Advance diver.

Name Price
Rescue Course Get prepare for Diving emergency and be the first to help others! This 3 days course is a pre-professional step before signing for your Divemaster. ฿ 13,500.00
Emergency First Response Rescue Course Not an First Aid Responder yet? This 4 days course will teach you all the emergency needs to be a perfect certify Rescue diver ฿ 16,500.00


Day 1 & 2

  • Pick Up from 8.30 am at your resort
  • Half day – Theory & Video
  • Lunch Break from 12.30 am until 1.30 pm
  • Afternoon at the swimming pool / beach for Rescue Exercises
  • Back to your resort around 4.30 pm (depending on your confined water session)

Day 3

  • Pick Up from 7.00 am at your resort
  • Boat departures at 8.00 am
  • First dive with Rescue Exercises around 10.00 am
  • One hour surface interval – Rescue Scenario part 1
  • Second dive with Rescue Scenario part 2 around 12.30 am
  • Lunch serves on the way back
  • Back to Lanta around 3.30 pm



  • Equipment
  • Food, Drinks, Fruits & Snacks on board
  • Daily transfers from / to your resort
  • Small group of 4 students per Instructors Guaranteed!



  • National Entrance fee (=600 THB) if Day trip at Koh Haa
  • Food and Drinks on first & second day

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